Take on Britain’s toughest events designed to test your body and mind to the limit. Stay Strong Events have taken a lifetime of military training and endurance and distilled it into a series of events designed to push you to the limit.

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Possibly the toughest series of events in the UK. Find out what you're made of!

Push yourself beyond where you ever thought possible. Quitting is not an option.

Join likeminded people connecting with the outdoors.

Take on Britain’s toughest 10 mile run. 

Battle those voices, get your game face on & strap in for one hell of a challenge.

The Hilly One (13.11.21)

Saturday 13th November, 09:00. This 10 mile run is like no other and certainly lives up to its name; it’s a challenging, route along the undulating Jurassic Coast, where you have the opportunity to become very good friends with Worbarrow Hill! Take your usual 10 mile run time and add an hour!

Distance (Miles)
Total ascent (feet)
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I enjoyed the inclusive nature, everybody was approaching this race in their own way. The challenge was the same but the way you completed it (within a time boundary) was up to you!

Vicki Gosling


Darren Hardy, his PTSD and the power of exercise and self-challenge as a propellant to better mental health, and the need for a discipline lined mindset.

Richard Waters


I’ve been on the other side of Darren’s challenges and watching him go through the wringer. Am looking forward to this one to see what it’s like from the other side. So excited to see how horrendous this is going to be.

Ali Macdonald