Take on Britain’s toughest events designed to test your body and mind to the limit. Stay Strong Events have taken a lifetime of military training and endurance and distilled it into a series of events designed to push you to the limit.

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INDIVIDUAL ENTRIES 1 Jim Foster 1.59.37 1st Male2 Dan Randall 2.06.363 Ginny Mills 2.09.39 1st Female4 Toby Sanderson 2.10.565 Colin Brown 2.11.256 Edward Ockleford 2.15.367 Nathan Cowley 2.18.118 Silvia Cante 2.18.229 Andy Andreou 2.22.2210 Barry Evans 2.22.5811 Gordon Simpson 2.24.4212 Neil Rourke 2.25.5713 Stephen Berry 2.37.5614 Antony Bayliss 2.37.5715 Louis Alexander 2.40.5116 Max Naylor 2.41.0517 Nathan Rendell 2.47.3518 Karl Bateman 2.55.4019 Mark Breakspear 2.57.2920 Jason Connell 2.58.1521 Stephen Dredge EB 2.58.2722 John Sargeant 2.59.3323 Marc Rees 3.01.3824 James Lewis 3.05.1925 Neil Glass 3.06.3426 Daniela Weekes 3.11.2027 Nick Mulligan 3.32.5828 GUY (EB) ILOTT 4.00.3729 Ali Macdonald 4.00.38 TEAM ENTRIES 1 Victoria Gosling - Team 2.03.22 1st Team2 The J Team 3.16.32

Finding the perfect running shoe can be really difficult.  For me the ‘Salomon Speedcross 5’ trail shoe has never let me down.  They are ideal for autumnal events such as ‘The Hilly One’ due to their durability, stability, grip and they’re waterproof too.  Available in mens/womens.  They were my go-to shoe when completing 5 marathons in 50 hours. Salomon speedcross five

Running is an art, whether it’s sprinting 100m or a 100km ultra the principles are all the same. A key to successful running is weight training.  This is crucial to gain strength, prevent injury and ultimately perform better.  Only ‘training legs’ is not going to help.  Running uses the whole body, so training the whole body is essential.  As running is mainly a sagittal movement, you should train for this by performing exercises such as weighted step ups, Bulgarian split squats, superman’s, and lunges.

Want to take your training to the next level!? WIN a PT session with me! This won't be a bog standard PT session. I will take you right out of your comfort zone and push you beyond what you thought was possible💪 To enter, all you need to do is follow @staystrongevents and sign up to the Hilly One by midnight on Sunday 31st. The winner will be announced Monday evening! STAYSTRONG 🤙